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Well, here it is...
Tori Spark
For a while now, i've not been consistent writing in my blog.  Even my Xanga has fallen by the wayside.  I'm only going to write a little here now because it is 5:15 in the morning and people are leaving for work.  I'm not.  I haven't been to bed yet.  It's the Mystery of My Life.  Ever since I've been a little girl I've been a nightowl.  I can sure take a great nap during the daytime, though.

Ah, I digress...  here's the bare nuggets:

I never log out of my LJ so that when I go into it, it's always there and ready for me to look at.  When I created the account, I had to give them something different than my normal pw.  Now, my pc is on the fritz and I can't get into my LJ account.  But you say, "Janea, why not just hit that "lost your password?" button? 

Because my email they have isn't updated and that old email no longer exists. :/

Oh well, a new one won't harm anyone and besides, I decided to be "clever" and name it Elfinmoon, too so it would (hopefully) be easy to find.  There aren't a large amount of people out there that will notice it either way.

Well, now that I've managed to type a few words anyway, I think it's time I let me sleepy pill take me to bed.  I miss everyone and try to do better about keeping this more updated.


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